From start-ups to multinationals, all companies will need business advice at some stage. There are plenty of information networks out there, all designed to help you overcome various obstacles when setting up or growing the business.

Never be scared to ask for advice, no matter how much you think you know! With so many experienced business mentors at your disposal, it would be a mistake not to tap into their wealth of knowledge. We’ve put together six places to turn for help.


  • Government

The first place to begin a search is with the official government-approved schemes. They have designated channels to help with a whole host of business matters. Here is a list of official channels, of which you can narrow down by various sorting options. You can also access 38 local growth hubs led by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

  • Start-Up Loans

The government-backed Start-Up Loans Company provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who find it hard to obtain finance. Along with a flexible loan of up to £25,000, numerous start-up advice is also provided. For example, you’ll be given business plan and cash-flow forecast templates, along with a free ‘Essential Guide to Starting a Business’ download to help you through the early stages.

  • Accountant

Complex accountancy and tax matters don’t come naturally to many business owners. It’s here where the knowhow of a professional accountant is absolutely crucial. They’ll keep your bookkeeping on track, eliminating the possibility of financial errors or tax penalties. Whatever stage of your business, accountants can also act as a fantastic mentor when important decisions need to be made. Utilise their professional experience as much as you can.

  • UK Business Forums

Many business owners converse on the online UK Business Forums website. It is a place to post problems, share solutions, find new clients and even conduct B2B deals. Many people prefer it, mainly because it’s free and real-life business experience is shared. However, you must remember there’s no real vetting process to become a member and advice may not be professionally sound.


  • HMRC

One of the most frustrating parts of the business world is dealing with the tax man. You can find contact details for a large number of tax issues on the official government website, whilst approaching the HMRC directly is also an option. If you’re unsure of specific tax affairs, it’s best to seek advice as soon as possible so costly fines are not incurred.

  • Great Business

Great Business is another government page, listing a whole host of support channels for start-ups in particular. It provides links for such companies as the National Enterprise Network and British Chamber of Commerce, along with separate pages for business advice in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There’s advice to help you start, grow and accelerate your company, as well as stay on the right side of UK regulation.


If you’d like advice on your accounts and finances, feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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