The primary motive of every business is to become, and remain, as financially efficient as possible. This applies to saving money as equally as it does to spending it. Cutting overall costs from various areas of your company will produce a stable platform for the business to grow and ultimately maximise profits.

This may take time, and a degree of trial and error, but can be crucial in helping your business to reach its potential. Here are five ways to stop losing money needlessly, money which can then be invested elsewhere across the company.


Managing Staff

Staff are an integral part of your business but also an expensive one. In this sense, streamlining your payroll is a highly effectual way to decrease your outgoings. Consider if some staff are actually required, their duties could be shared by other workers for example, or if their hours can be reduced.

The recruitment process is also something to look at; employees leaving on a regular basis means you’ll constantly be needing to hire and train new people coming in – this will take time and of course money. Ensure you recruit personnel who are career-minded and want to progress in this industry, as well as being competent and reliable.

Punctual Responses

Customers are looking for a quick resolution when they get in touch with your company. Slow replies will see them look elsewhere. To prevent this from happening, ensure you have the required personnel to effectively deal with emails and incoming phone calls during work hours.

Automatic reply emails are an astute way to respond to customers instantly, letting them know you have received their enquiry and will answer shortly. With this, potential sales have a better chance of finalising and therefore protecting the money that could potentially be missed out on.

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Marketing Campaigns

Advertising is likely to eat up a large chunk of your budget. It’s imperative that marketing campaigns are up-to-date with contemporary trends and working as effectively as possible. If not, your business will simply leak money without attracting the desired trade.

Consider free ways of reaching out to people, such as face-to-face marketing on the high street and utilising the power of social media accounts. Get creative with your status updates and video posts, regularly connecting with potential customers and other businesses.


Many businesses lose money due to the sheer inefficiency of spending costs and staff inadequacy. Poor management of funds in in one area can quickly spread across the whole company. For example, under-performing employers will only be a drain on resources – think about setting bonus targets to encourage hard work to prevent this. Consider cheap outsourcing and taking on interns as a cost-effective way to fill positions as well.

Some business owners perhaps aren’t aware of how national insurance holidays, apprentice subsidies and other government grants can be used to their advantage. Hiring a professional and experienced accountant can help with this, along with providing advice on potential tax breaks.